News Report


Life living in a Conditioning Centre

Hi there, as you may or may not know, I was created using the Bokanovsky process.  Which means there are lots of me. To be completely honest, I even get sick of seeing myself. I am in fact an Epsilon, yes, call me stupid call me dumb but every one works for every one else so we are just as important as the other. Back to the point… I was born and raised in a Conditioning Centre, where I am still residing to this very day.

Today, I played obstacle golf with a few friends, which I thoroughly enjoyed, followed up by going to bed with a friend of mine. Which if you read any of my other blogs isn’t anything new. I guess everyday is somewhat similar, and repetitive but I don’t mind it. As long as I have people with me I’ll be fine. I detest being alone, and although I may get sick of seeing the same face sometimes, I’m glad that we were made that way. I feel as though if I look different, I’ll be singled out. I like mixing with the crowd and doing what the majority does.

Somedays, I think ‘What if there were no such things as castes? What would things be like?’ At times like those, I feel thankful that I am an Epsilon, even though we are labeled as ‘stupid’ we are labeled ‘stupid’ together. Together as a caste, together as a community.


John The Savage

Bernard Marx, the Alpha gone wrong has brought back with him John Savage, the offspring of a woman called Linda and the director. The illicit son has supposedly been living in the Reservation. In the Reservation, they still practice the old ways of the world. They have continued to have marriages, natural births and believe in such nonsense religions. Speculations are that citizens of the Reservation call their female carers scandalous names such as ‘mother’. The topic which was once taboo is know the focal point of all conversations.

Savage has stated in an interview that he doesn’t want comfort. But that he wants God, he wants poetry, he wants real danger, he wants freedom, he wants goodness and he wants sin. Just after this statement was released, it caused a major up roar of controversy in Central London.

Below is a sector of John Savage’s interview with Mufasa Downda:

‘ I feel so out of place here, I don’t even think I would be able to survive here….do the people even know who they truly are? They probably feel defined by what their caste is…I feel that there is no freedom here, no true happiness! Everything is manufactured, nothing is genuine. Everyone’s happiness is generated by some drug called soma…I would hate living a life like that…never truly deciding who I am, what I want to do, who I want to marry…oh wait, they don’t have marriage here do they? Yeah…I found that out the hard way; I tried proposing to Lenina but she tried to have sex with me instead! What a whore! Sex is so casual and easy here…they have orgies all the time! It crazy! I’d rather be able to make my own decisions and be an individual than have sex and orgies with beautiful woman. How can someone live without freedom? Everyone just wants to feel like they belong, why doesn’t anyone want to be free? How can someone live having known that they were created in a factory and not out of love and that there is nothing special or unique about them? I could never survive in this brave new world…’

Many citizens do not know what is to come from the arrival of John Savage, and many are scared for the changes that we brings with him. However, this is not an issue for the public to deal with but for Mustapha Mond’s. The officials have also advised that people restrict themselves from observing John Savage at his property but instead continue attending the feelies.